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Cellar Design Specialist that will create the perfect custom wine cellar for your home, office or tasting room.



 “Wine is an experience enhancer.” 

—Tom Milks


 "I shall drink no wine before it’s time! OK, it’s time."

—Groucho Marx


Wine is precious and continuously evolves inside the bottle. Wine must be properly stored in a climate-controlled environment so that it can be enjoyed now or aged to reach the peak of perfection.         


Tom is passionate about wine and wine storage. He will help you create the perfect wine cellar.



Whether you have six or six thousand bottles in your collection, where you choose to store your wine should be a place that you love to visit. Your wine cellar should stir feelings of pride and joy as you enter and select that perfect bottle.


Your cellar can be a place where you escape, sip, and savor the flavors of your favorite wines. Your cellar can also be a place where you invite special friends or family to share your admiration of the fabulous wine bottles you have collected over the years. 


Whatever design style you wish for your cellar to be, whether it be modern or traditional or completely unique, Tom will transform your dream into reality.



 Your wine cellar should be reliable and always provide a consistent climate for storing your wine. If your cellar temperature is too warm or if the temperature fluctuates, your wine could spoil or age rapidly. Extreme humidity can cause mold to grow inside your bottles. If your cellar is too dry, corks may crack and spoil your wine. 


With modern advances in cooling systems, meticulous planning and flawless installation, consistent climate levels can be achieved for nearly any cellar space. 


Tom taps over 17 years of wine cellar construction experience to ensure that your new cellar will reliably protect your wine investment now & for years to come.


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